New season, new look. With summer officially here, we think it’s about time we launch our Dev Blog. Hold on tight, let’s get this show on the road!

Since you last heard from us, we’ve been hard at work on episode 1 of AWAY: The Survival Series. This has involved plenty of level design, gameplay programming, and especially these past few weeks, character design. Now as you may already know, each episode of AWAY will let you play as a different character, ranging from land animals to sea creatures to beasts of the sky...

The best part is that thanks to VR, there is tremendous potential for creating awe-inspiring experiences that are more immersive than ever before. That’s why for the first episode, we wanted to not only create a memorable character, but add a sense of scale to the environments around it.

Say hello to the Sugar Glider! This nimble little marsupial is one tough cookie, and has a number of traits that make it the perfect choice to be our first protagonist. Not only can it run, crawl, and jump through its surroundings, it can also climb up trees and most of all, glide through the air!

Yep, those white rectangles are wings... kinda

Yep, those white rectangles are wings... kinda

Throughout the past month, we’ve been working on the sugar glider’s various movements, which involves lots of tweaking to get the balance just right. While things aren’t perfect just yet, we're getting there!

To be honest though, the best part of playing as a sugar glider in virtual reality isn’t the jumping or climbing or gliding, it’s the sheer sense of scale that you get from exploring the world around you. The immersion VR provides combined with the relative size of everything surrounding your tiny little sugar glider makes the universe of AWAY so much more epic!

Obviously, the sugar glider will be a bit more… uh… lifelike than the grey blob you see in the gif above. We’re still in the process of figuring out what exactly our character should look like; here are a few sketches to give you an idea of what we had in mind.

These faces range from cute to menacing to downright ugly. We still haven’t settled on a final look for our sugar glider yet, so feel free to leave a comment below to let us know which one you think we should go for!

While we’ve been working on plenty of other exciting stuff apart from our main character, we’ll leave it at that for today. To stay notified about our upcoming posts, promotions, and game releases (yes, the playable teaser is coming soon!), feel free to join our monthly newsletter! It's filled with cool stuff you won't want to miss 😉 

Until next time,
The AWAY dev team