With Christmas finally upon us, we at Breaking Walls wanted to give back to our fans with a fun little mini-game. Coming straight out of BW Labs' Game Jam Series, our team took 8 hours to build this Christmas-themed wave shooter with a little twist... it's in Virtual Reality!

(You can download the game here for free)

Armed with machine guns in both hands, your sole objective is to survive wave after wave of frenzied animals charging straight at you. It's a pretty straightforward game, but once you don the VR headset things tend to get pretty intense!


To build the game, we used both royalty free assets and assets from some of the other games we're working on here at Breaking Walls. These are what helped us keep a semblance of realism in the game's visuals, but there's obviously still tons of room for improvement, as can be expected of any barebones 8-hour project.

Either way, what you see is what you get with this fun little Xmas Survival mini-game. We had a great time putting it together, and we hope you guys get a kick out of playing it too!

Again, you can download the game here for free: http://xmassurvival.bw-labs.co/

Merry Christmas from the Breaking Walls dev team! :)