Hello everyone,

We wanted to share with you some cool new features and workflow improvements we did for our prototype.

First, we decided to do a test with an eagle as the main character. The result is pretty cool, thanks to Juan Frontain (Anima-Ztudio) for this awesome asset! I also have to say, the Unreal asset, Ultra Dynamic Sky looks incredible, and it's so easy to use.


It's a lot of fun to control the eagle with the HTC Vive but we had to create a few custom animation clips to make the gameplay more coherent with the 3C's.

This time, for the open world, we have tried an height map of a real location, Thompson River in British-Colombia, Canada. We then added more definition and created several other maps with the help of World Machine. The workflow with Unreal is pretty straight forward and the result is promising.

We have also optimized our level and created a custom shader to improve the frame rate. Mission accomplished, we have now 90 fps with the Vive for a much smoother ride (for some reasons the screen capture video is at 30 fps which creates the laggy effect). 

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more!