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Breaking Walls
Based in Montreal, Canada

Release date:
Fall 2018


AWAY on Steam


Regular Price: TBD


Narrated like a nature documentary, AWAY: The Survival Series is an episodic single-player adventure game that takes you on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world where the animal kingdom reigns supreme.

A new twist on the adventure genre, AWAY plunges you into breathtaking environments as you explore a decaying planet through the eyes of the Sugar Glider.


  • Story-driven gameplay — Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the animal kingdom reigns supreme, natural disasters threaten the survival of every species on Earth. With another storm on its way, your journey to safety may be the hardest one yet...
  • Play as the Sugar Glider — Sitting near the bottom of the food chain, this nimble marsupial makes up for its small size with superior agility as you jump, climb, and glide through your surroundings.
  • Stunning visuals — Immerse yourself in nature and uncover mysterious artifacts as you explore AWAY's breathtaking environments through the eyes of the beast.
  • Robust combat system — Hunt prey and fend off predators as you fight for survival in the perilous lands of AWAY.
  • Nature documentary — Enter your very own nature documentary as AWAY's enigmatic narrator guides you through your journey.
  • Original soundtrack — Having worked on countless major soundtracks, ranging from games like Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Destiny to movies such as Mad Max, Transformers, and Planet Earth II, Mike Raznick brings his experience as a multi-award winning composer and audio director to the AWAY series with an enchanting orchestral score.


All images, logos, and video clips can be found & downloaded here.





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White Logo

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 Logo with backdrop

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AWAY Credits

  • Nathanaël Dufour
    Creative Producer, Breaking Walls

  • Laurent Bernier
    Creative Director, Breaking Walls

  • Sébastien Nadeau
    Head of Technology, Breaking Walls

  • A.P. Johnson
    Head of Growth, Breaking Walls

  • Ghyslain Godon
    Game Designer, Breaking Walls

  • Paul Capo
    3D Artist, Breaking Walls

  • Damien Sauzet
    Sound Designer, Breaking Walls

  • Anuradha Mallik
    Community Manager, Breaking Walls

  • Liliana Muñoz
    Accounting, Breaking Walls

  • Mylène Paquet
    Graphic Design, Freelance

  • Mike Raznick
    Music, Freelance