Virtual Reality in today’s world is a term that most people are aware of, but don’t fully understand or appreciate. At Breaking Walls, however, we’ve got both feet in VR so we do our best to keep up with the latest happenings in the industry. There are many ways to go about this, but at the end of the day, we always find ourselves checking out what these 5 VR influencers are talking about.

Some of these guys stumbled into the industry by accident while others have been there from the very beginning, but they all share the belief that VR is here to stay and is poised make a very real, very positive dent in this world. Let’s have a look at these 5 staples of the online VR scene:

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Kyle Melnick — @KlyeOnFire

A multi-talented gentleman and lover of burritos, Kyle is one of those people you are simply in awe of as you start reading about them. He spreads his influence in the VR World as a writer for VR Scout, covering everything from virtual reality applications in games and movies to regular updates in VR technology. What makes him really stand out from the crowd, though, is his acting talent, particularly his voice acting. He’s worked for Nickelodeon already and hopes to become a household name someday. Lucky for him, he’s already one of our top VR influencers, and very deservedly so!

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Eva Hoerth — @downtohoerth

Her blog tagline reads “I like VR. I’m going to get you to like it too”. It’s also perhaps the perfect way to describe what top VR influencers aim to do through their work. As a researcher exploring human relationships and emotions through the world of VR, Eva is passionate about helping underrepresented voices in the VR and tech worlds be heard and acknowledged, building communities in the process. As an Editor for ‘We Make Realities’, a knowledge sharing community for scientists, researchers and VR creators, she makes sure that she’s doing all she can to get the world to view VR through a new lens.

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Sam Watts — @vr_sam

Sam is a true evangelist of Virtual Reality; someone who not only has always had interest and appreciation for VR, but is also a true authority in the field. He’s currently the Director of Immersive Technology at MakeReal in the U.K., where he contributes to VR experiences that bring an element of light-heartedness and fun to training and development. He’s also involved in making games, something we can definitely relate with here at Breaking Walls! If you have the slightest interest in past, current or future developments in the VR world or would like to know more about Sam’s journey and his thoughts on everything VR, check out his Medium Page. It’s as valuable a resource as you’ll find to give you more insight into how the mind of a top VR influencer works.

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Eric Chevalier — @ekChevalier

Eric is one of those people who may not have started out as a VR patron but is now the head of a company that covers advancements in virtual reality and the people behind them. He spent a decade working on content strategy and marketing in sports, gaming and entertainment, for brands such as PlayStation, XBOX, Google and Nike, connecting these brands with their audiences through both the physical and digital mediums. Since then, he has co-founded VR Scout and hasn’t ever looked back, helping showcase the latest in the world of VR. Living in LA, he’s always on the lookout for the best new storytellers in the area. Make sure to have a killer story prepared for him on the off-chance that you do run into one of the top VR influencers out there!

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Tony Parisi — @auradeluxe

The best and simplest way to describe Tony is that he is the true OG of virtual reality. In the ‘about’ section of his blog, he describes himself as an entrepreneur, software architect and career CTO who considers starting and then selling companies as one of his hobbies. This should give you some idea of how influential he is. His current position sees him lead the VR and AR divisions of Unity technologies, where he’s responsible for the company’s strategies in the fields of virtual and augmented reality. A quick visit to his blog will confirm the fact that Tony is quite obsessed with anything VR or 3D related, and he’ll keep pushing the boundaries in those fields as long as he’s allowed to; a sign of a truly dedicated VR evangelist.

These influencers are the reasons VR enthusiasts such as ourselves are living in world where virtual reality is becoming a bigger and more prevalent part of everyone’s daily lives. Show them your love and keep track of the work they do; we know we will!