Here at Breaking Walls, we’re big fans of indie games of all types, and the way we find out about the latest happenings in the game world is no different than the way you do: through game articles and reviews from the top gaming bloggers on the web! As such, this month we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on 10 of our favourite gaming bloggers, as we figured you might enjoy the content they put out just as much as we do. Here we go!


Mike Plant — @MikePlantGC

Mike is one of the founding members of Quit or Continue, a site where you can listen to him and the three other founders of the site discuss a new videogame every two weeks. The idea behind this site was to break the trend of the traditional review format, where a single reviewer’s opinion is undebatable. The website also features game reviews and opinions on the latest happenings in the world of gaming, and with Quit or Continue nearing a century of episodes, we can’t wait to hear more from Mike.


Eric Hall — @_erichall

Eric enjoys writing about video games so much that he’s a game critic for not just one, but two different media outlets. He prefers console games on the PS4 and Xbox One but covers many different genres, so he’s probably got your favorite games covered. He’s also a pretty big Parks and Recreation fan (who isn’t, amirite?), and has probably watched the show more times than you or anyone you know has; how could we keep him out of our list of top gaming bloggers?


Kyle LeClair — @SlyDante777

As someone who claims to have “divorced themselves from reality ages ago”, Kyle manages to do a great job as a journalist and staff writer for Hardcore Gamer, publishing game reviews as well as lists of games he feels are worth checking out. When he’s not writing, he’s sharing cool concept art and gaming news on Twitter.


Shelby Steiner — @S_W_Steiner

A self-proclaimed nerd and ex-Xbox One UK editor, the man behind Falcon Game Reviews is next on our list of top gaming bloggers to check out. He started the website because of his passion and love for games, as a means of experiencing something outside himself, and therefore prefers games that leave a lasting impression on him, particularly emotionally. His hard work is clear for everyone to see, and with his site consisting of everything from in-depth game reviews to gaming news and streaming, there is no reason you shouldn’t be checking it out right now!


Alexander Hadziioannou — @Alexander_Had1

Currently the games writer for Athens Voice, Alexander has also contributed pieces to many other gaming websites (such as Slant, Kotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun). We share his appreciation for indie games, but what makes him stand out is his undeniable obsession with the gaming world in general. Another reason he’s one of our top gaming bloggers for the month is his Twitter feed, which put quite simply is a gamer’s dream.


Dmytro Voloshyn — @Skalpei

Dmytro is the Editor-in-chief over at KeenGamer, where you can find game news and reviews as well as interviews with game developers. His insanely high 9.4 rating on the site indicates just how active he is, and by extension his commitment to providing us with regular gaming content. If that isn’t a sign of a top gaming blogger, we don’t know what is!


Marcus Estrada — @marcusboi

Marcus is another writer who contributes to two platforms, being an indie-focused editor for Hardcore Gamer and the owner of PixelPacas. PixelPacas is mainly a source of game reviews but also streams games from time to time, not to mention that they’re obsessed with alpacas! Follow Marcus on twitter if you like what you see, and feel free to send him some of your favorite games and movies; he loves collecting them!


Jordan Forward — @Jordan_forward

A staff writer at PCGamesN, Jordan’s unique sense of humour combined with his consistency and regularity in writing quality game reviews makes his inclusion in this list a no-brainer. His most recently reviewed games include The Evil Within 2, Fallout 3 and Battlefront 2 while he’s also interested in the Resident Evil series, which gives you a good idea of his interests as well as a reason to check out his work.


Charlie Nicholson — @ChasmOfThought

Charlie, like Eric on this list, writes for New Game Network. He also prefers consoles to the PC, but while Crash Bandicoot was his introduction to the world of gaming, he’s now more interested in “what games have to say, and how they’re developing their own voice as a medium”. His Twitter handle says it all really; a writer who puts a lot of thought into his reviews to ensure his readers know a lot more than just the pros and cons.


Sam Spyrison — @SammerBlammer

Sam rounds off our top gaming bloggers for October, and joins Kyle and Marcus as another one of the Hardcore Gamer writers on this list. If there’s a game you want to play or find out more about, there’s a very big chance that Sam will either have covered it or mentioned it on his twitter feed. He also says he’s always tired but you can confirm that for yourself by adding him on PSN (SammerBlammer).


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We’re hoping this list helped you find a new gaming blog to read or a new writer to follow. If there’s another gaming blogger that you feel deserves a shout-out on our list, let us know. We’re always on the lookout for more gaming content to discover!